8th Nomos Meeting

Epistemology of Resistance
Madrid (Spain), June 3-4, 2013
A Symposium on The Epistemology of Resistance. Gender and Racial Oppression, Epistemic Injustice, and Resistant Imaginations (Oxford University Press, 2012), by José Medina (Vanderbilt University).

In The Epistemology of Resistance, José Medina explores several epistemic aspects of our social interactions that take place under conditions of oppression and advocates the need of epistemic resistance in democratic societies in order to overcome shortcomings and failures. José Medina insists on the need to satisfy what he calls an Imperative of Epistemic Interaction. In the book, different issues on epistemic injustice, epistemic vices and virtues, epistemic authority and epistemic responsibility are discussed in detail. He pleads for a more responsible epistemic agency through interaction and resistant use of the imagination in order to repair neglect and insensitivity in practices of exclusion and oppression. Medina’s epistemology of resistance offers an experiential and imaginative approach to social epistemology, a contextualist theory of our complicity with epistemic injustices, and a social connection model of shared responsibility for improving the epistemic conditions of democratic participation in social practices.

Programme: download

Main Speaker
José Medina (Vanderbilt University)

Invited Speakers
Linda Alcoff (CUNY Graduate Center)
Miranda Fricker (University of Sheffield)
Charles Mills  (Northwestern University)
Carlos Thiebaut (University Carlos III, Madrid)

Fernando Broncano (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Claudia Compte (University of Valencia)
Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)
Esa Díaz-León (University of Manitoba)
Chloë FitzGerald (Université de Genève)
Roberto Frega (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
Javier Gil Martín (Universidad de Oviedo)
Katherine Jenkins (University of Sheffield)
Mari Mikkola (Humbold-University, Berlin)
Naomi Scheman (University of Minnesota)
Josefa Toribio (ICREA – Univesitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Jesús Vega (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Organizing Committee
Pepa Toribio (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)
Jesús Vega Encabo (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Research Projects
“Perspectival Thoughts and Facts” (CSD00C-09-62102),
“Epistemología de los artefactos. Affordances, conocimiento práctico y artefactos epistémicos” (FFFI2009-12054),
“The Nature of Assertion: Implications for Relativism and Fictionalism” ( FFI2010-16049)
“Agency, Normativity and Identity. The Presence of the Subject in Action” (FFI2011-25131)

For any queries, please contact jesus.vega@uam.es

Organized by Nomos Network for Applied Philosophy