5th Workshop on the Philosophy of Literature (Madrid, February 27, 2015)


A symposium on Notes from the Underground by Fiodor Dostoyevsky 


University Carlos III (Madrid), Puerta de Toledo, 4th Floor, Room 12.

Discussants (provisional)

María Jose Alcaraz (University of Murcia)
Fernando Broncano (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Francisca P. Carreño (University of Murcia)
Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)
Antonio Gómez Ramos (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Andrea Greppi (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Julián Marrades (University of Valencia)
José Martínez (University of Barcelona)
Carlos Moya (University of Valencia)
Alberto Murcia (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Cristina Peralta (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Lorena Rivera (University of Valencia)
Mercedes Rivero (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Israel Roncero (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Salvador Rubio (University of Murcia)
Nicolás Sánchez (University of Valencia)
Carlos Thiebaut (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Jesús Vega (Autonomous University, Madrid)
Jordi Valor (University of Valencia)


First Session (10:30-12:30). Discussants: Fernando Broncano, Francisca Carreño, Josep E. Corbí, Andrea Greppi, Antonio Gómez, Carlos Moya, Alberto Murcia, Mercedes Rivero, Israel Roncero, Nicolás Sánchez, Carlos Thiebaut.

Second Session (12.30-14:30). Discussants: María Jose Alcaraz,Julián Marrades, José Martínez, Cristina Peralta, Lorena Rivera, Salvador Rubio, Jordi Valor, Jesús Vega.


Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)


Philosophy of Perspectival Thoughts and Facts (Consolider-Ingenio CSD2009-00056)
About Ourselves (FFI2013-47948-P)