5th Nomos Meeting

The Apology Ritual

>> Valencia (Spain), January 27-28, 2011

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A Symposium on The Apology Ritual. A Philosophical Theory of Punishment (CUP, 2008)

by Christopher Bennett (University of Sheffield)

Proceedings to be published in Teorema by 2012 | Christopher Bennett presents a theory of punishment grounded in the practice of apology, and in particular in reactions such as feeling sorry and making amends. He argues that offenders have a ‘right to be punished’ -that it is part of taking an offender seriously as a member of a normatively demanding relationship (such as friendship or collegiality or citizenship) that she is subject to retributive attitudes when she violates the demands of that relationship. However, while he claims that punishment and the retributive attitudes are the necessary expression of moral condemnation, Bennett’s account of these reactions has more in common with restorative justice than traditional retributivism. He argues that the most appropriate way to react to crime is to require the offender to make proportionate amends.

Main Speaker

> Christopher Bennett (University of Sheffield)


> Anthony Duff (University of Stirling)

> Josep Lluís Martí (University Pompeu Fabra)

> Juan Manuel Pérez Bermejo (University of Salamanca)

> Sergi Rosell (Univ. of Sheffield, Univ. of Valencia)

> Constantine Sandis (Oxford Brookes University)


> Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)

> Fabian Dorsch (University of Fribourg)

> Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona)

> Francisco Javier Gil (University of Oviedo)

> Tobies Grimaltos (University of Valencia)

> Ivar Hannikainen (University of Sheffield)

> Jules Holroyd (University of Cardiff)

> Edgar Maraguat (University of Valencia)

> Teresa Marques (University of Lisbon)

> Sandra Marshall (University of Stirling)

> Adèle Mercier (Queen’s University)

> Mari Mikkola (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

> Carlos Moya (Unversity of Valencia)

> Berta Pérez (University of València)

> Pablo Rychter (University of Valencia)

> Pepa Toribio (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

> Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield)

> Luis Manuel Valdés (University of Oviedo)

> Jordi Valor (Univeristy of Valencia)

> Jesús Vega Encabo (Universidad Autònoma de Madrid)

Organizing Committee

> Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)

> Edgar Maraguat (University of Valencia)

> Pepa Toribio (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

> Jesús Vega Encabo (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Organized by

Nomos Network for Applied Philosophy

Research Projects:“Perspectival Thoughts and Facts” (CSD00C-09-62102),“Philosophy of Language, Logic and Cognition” (HUM2006-08236), ‘The Nature of Assertion: Implications for Relativism and Fictionalism‘ ( FFI2010-16049), ‘Perceptual Discrimination: Nonconceptual Content and Demonstrative Concepts’ (FFI2008-06164-C02-02).


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