2nd Nomos Meeting

Reasons and Selves

> Girona (Spain), October 20-21, 2008


Monday 20th

12.00 |  Peter Goldie (Univ. of Manchester), ‘The Narrative Sense of Self’

> Discussants: Edgar Maraguat (University of Valencia), Sarah Stroud (McGill University)

14.00 | Lunch

16.00 | Christine Tappolet (University of Montreal), ‘Personal Autonomy and Self-Control’

> Discussant: Sergi Rosell (Univ. of Valencia)

17.45 | Gianfranco Soldati (University of Fribourg), ‘Do Perceptions Need to Have Correctness Conditions in Order to Provide Reasons?’

> Discussant: Manuel Hernández Iglesias  (Univ. of Murcia)


Tuesday 21th

10.15 | Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona) ‘Assertion and Convention’

> Discussant: Adèle Mercier (Queen’s University)

12.00 | Teresa Marques (University of Barcelona), ‘Relativism and the Norm of Assertion’

> Discussant: Jordi Valor (University of València)

13.30 | Lunch

15.30 | Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia), ‘Thought Experiments, Justice, and Character’

> Discussant: Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield)

17.15 | Constantine Sandis (Oxford Brookes), ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Identification Mechanisms’ | abstract

> Discussant: Josep L. Prades (Univ. of Girona)

19.00 | Closing Session: What to Do Next? Some Proposals


Organizing Committee

> Josep E. Corbí (Univ. of Valencia)

> Josep L. Prades (Univ. of Girona)

> Christine Tappolet (Univ. of Montreal)


> Please, contact josepll.prades # gmail.com